The brand
that distinguishes us
in the world of decoration.

About Us

The company name is Astrotex, S.A. de C.V., we own the brand Dekora and
we have more than 40 years serving the domestic market with high end decoration products.


Manufacture and commercialize all types
of high quality textiles for decoration.


Astrotex, S.A. de C.V. is a company founded in 1973, whose main objective is the satisfaction of our clients, designing and manufacturing fabrics to create comfort in any space.

We have presence in:

Furniture manufacturers, hotels, decorators,
architects and government, among others.

Cutting edge techonlogy

We use cutting edge technology in developing,
manufacturing and the marketing of our products.

Our production system has a variety of textures and patterns,
each one made with natural, artificial and synthetic fibers.

These qualities are what make us a leading
provider in a highly exclusive market.

Factory and Offices Estado de Mexico

Astrotex, S.A. de C.V.
Ahuizotla 10-A, Col. Ahuizotla,
Naucalpan, Edo. De México
Tels: (55) 55764445 / 55764814 / 55760591

Oficinas Guadalajara

Patagonia #813
Colonia Providencia
C.P. 44630
Guadalajara, Jalisco
(33) 3630-0242
(33) 3100-1623

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